School badges

Infant Badges:

In the infant department you work towards being awarded four star badges. Each star represents a different aspect of being a true St Hilary Learner - one who is the Best They Can Be!

The Yellow Star is awarded for Creativity

The Red Star is awarded for Kindness, consideration and respect

The Blue Star is awarded for Academic (attitude and application)

The Green Star is awarded for Healthy Living


Junior Certificates and Badge:

In the Junior School - Year 3 to Year 6 - every child works towards the award of the St Hilary School Badge. The school badge - designed by our School Parliament in 2019 - has four elements to achieve. These four elements are the same as those the infants work towards and are outlined on this page. Once a child has received all four certificates they will be presented with their school badge! 

These awards are not easily won and to add one to you school uniform is a real badge of honour. All recipients must truly display all of the characteristics outlined for each certificate and the 3E values at the heart of everything we do at St Hilary School.

We hope that all of you will as hard as you can to gain your badges in the infants and the certificates and school badge in the juniors. The School Parliament have made decisions about what you must do to gain each award. Tell your teacher which badge you are working towards and they can suggest some ideas or targets for you to work on. Good luck...and go for it!!


Academic Badge
 Work as hard as you can
 Try your best with all subjects
 Look, listen and learn
 Get your work done in time - work at a good pace
 Don't chatter with your friends when you should be working.
 Concentrate and focus on your learning - Sit without fidgeting
 Keep your work as neat as you can
 Make sure your work has your name, date and learning intention clearly displayed
Healthy Living Badge
 Eat healthy food - lunch and tuck
 Go to sports clubs either in or out of school regularly - keep your teacher up to date with this!
 Take part in an out of school club on a regular basis such as dance, football, swimming or karate - again keep your teacher up to date with your progress!
 Walk, cycle or scoot to school - helmets must be worn and be considerate of other pavement and road users!
 Drink your water at playtimes and lunchtimes
 Be a good sport and a supportive team-mate.
Creativity Badge
 Join in music lessons - with enthusiasm and determination
 Do your best at art activities - 
 Sing with pride and enthusiasm
 Present your work to your best ability
 Colour neatly
 Write creatively and let your imagination run free!
 Use neat joined handwriting at all times
 Read lots of books to help your creative writing
 You could also learn to play a musical instrument and practise it regularly
Respect, Care and Consideration
 Be respectful to all adults and children
 Be kind
 Be helpful
 Listen to adults and do as you are told
 Have good manners
 Hold doors open for others
 Give compliments
 Don't answer back
 Walk around the school sensibly
 Put your hands up
 Don't shout out
 Pack up sensibly
 Don't push or shove
 Walk away from trouble
 Don't spoil other children's games