Bullying can happen to anyone, at any age!

Being bullied at home, school or online might involve someone pushing you, hitting you, teasing you, talking about you or calling you names. No-one has the right to hurt you or make you feel bad, and if you are being bullied, you don't have to put up with it, you can talk to someone about it.

There is a confidential email contact here, where you can talk to a member of staff about any bullying issues, or anything else that is bothering you. Or you can talk to any member of staff at school.

The Childline website gives you a lot of information about bullying, and how to handle it. You may choose to handle it yourself, or you choose to tell someone; however you decide to deal with the situation, there is loads of advice here for you!
These websites also have lots of useful information:
Here are some pictures of us celebrating 'Odd Socks Day' which is a day to kick off the start of Anti-Bullying Week 2022!
We decided to take part in Odd Socks Day to celebrate difference and acceptance by encouraging everyone to express their individuality and what makes us all unique!