Pupil Parliament 2020-21

In line with our school's policy on promoting the 'Fundamental British Values' and in order to promote pupil voice, we have a 'Pupil Parliament'.
Our year 6 children underwent a very democratic process where they wrote a persuasive piece about why they would be good members of the Pupil Parliament. They then presented this to the rest of the school ready for voting.
Our Pupil Parliament for 2020-2021 is pictured above.

Pupil Parliament at St Hilary School- Spring Term Progress

The Parliament had been given the opportunity to speak with children across the school to decide how they think their school could be made even better, and this meeting was aimed at pulling these ideas together to make a plan.

Our school Parliament have decided that they would like to ask children to design stickers which can be awarded to reflect achievement within our 6 values- Excellence, Equity, Endurance, Evolution, Empathy and Ethical.

They have organised a 'design a value sticker' competition for all of our pupils to enter and then they will choose some winners who will then have their stickers published for all to see.

We were really impressed with the maturity of the children’s suggestions and with their practical ideas and passionate approach- they are already making a great team!