OFSTED (Latest report) and External Review

Challenge Partners 2019

We feel that it is really healthy to have good partnerships with a range of schools and networks both locally and nationally. The biggest network that we are part of is ‘Challenge Partners’. Challenge Partners is built up of schools of all shapes and sizes from across England and the biggest part of the drive is the ‘Quality Assurance Reviews’. Each year we welcome an Ofsted inspector along with 2 senior leaders from other schools and they work with us for 3 days to evaluate and assess our school in the 3 areas of: school improvement, outcomes and teaching and learning. In turn then, 2 senior leaders from our school take part in reviews in other schools during each year. Last term Mr Hamshar completed a review in Devon and I am looking forward to completing a review in Bristol in the next few weeks. The reviews are extremely in depth and both the reviewers, and the schools being reviewed, always come away feeling like they have learnt something and further developed as a professional which in turn strengthens schools.


This is the 5th year that we have had a review, and this one like the others was extremely successful. Our review included a haul through all of our assessment data, observations of all of the teachers, book scrutinies, meetings with pupils, meetings with leaders regarding their subject areas and meetings with senior leaders. The report is written as the 3 days progress and gives plenty of opportunity for healthy debate! The report is split into WWW’s (what went wells) and EBI’s (even better ifs).

Our full report can be found on our website under ‘information about the school’- please have a read! 

I am delighted to say that St Hilary was ‘measured’ as ‘outstanding’ in all areas and that our curriculum was reported to be “without doubt an area of excellent practice”.

We have attached the full report below, but the highlights are:

 “The leaders and many other staff members form a very outward-looking staff that is constantly looking for new approaches, striving for even better outcomes”.

“There is a definite focus on contributing to pupils being knowledgeable, well-rounded people”.

“High quality teaching and learning is an undoubted strength of the school. The consistency observed across all year groups is testimony to the talented group of teachers the school employs”.

“High levels of engagement are a common feature in all classrooms, largely because pupils enjoy learning and are fully immersed in the lessons”.

“Pupils’ books highlight strongprogress over time. Presentation is immaculate, particularly in their colourful project books”.

 We couldn’t be prouder of the report and we feel that it sums up our school really well. All of the staff, governors and the children work consistently hard, passionately and continually strive for the very best outcomes, whether in an English lesson or outside doing PE…..whilst having lots of fun and laughter along the way. It goes without saying that there will always more to work on, but for the minute it’s time to take stock and be proud! 

 Mrs K Butcher