Emotional Health

This theme promotes positive emotional health and wellbeing to help pupils understand and express their feelings and build their confidence and emotional resilience, and therefore their capacity to learn!

Some of the health and wellbeing benefits of singing....
  • Deep breathing ensures well-oxygenated blood, giving a feeling of wellbeing and contributing to general good health,
  • Controlled breathing counteracts anxiety and stress,
  • Good posture adds to self-confidence,
  • Becoming 'lost in the character and emotion' of the song brings emotional cleansing,
  • Learning new songs and performing brings about a sense of achievement,
  • Singing together leads to friendship and fellowship.

St. Hilary School is taking part in 'Sing Up' - the Music Manifesto's national singing programme ... I'm sure you'll hear more about this in the future!

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Useful links...

Penhaligon's Friends - a website to support bereaved children and adults. They offer children and young adults the chance to meet each other and share experiences, as well as providing practical resources for children and parents.

Personal Safety - Protective Behaviours is a process and down-to-earth approach to personal safety. It promotes self-empowerment, and brings with it the skills to avoid being victimised.

Dealing with bullying
Please click here to go to our advice on how to deal with bullying.