Eat Well

One of the best ways to support your children in having healthy attitudes towards food is to cook with them. Teach them how to create meals and design menus, allow them to have varied tastes, enjoy manipulating tools and support them in the sense of achievement this creativity leads to.

What fantastic fun!


Kids and Cooking!


BBC's Cooking with Children


Children love digging in the mud...why not give them some seeds, and make it even more worthwhile. Not only will they be learning about food and growing, but it is also really good for developing motor skills, for example, handwriting!


Gardening with Children


BBC's Gardening with children website


The Kids' Garden


Rocket Gardens

Rocket Gardens is a mail-order company based near Helston. It organically grows and distributes vegetable and herb seedlings direct to your door - perfect to creat your own kitchen garden!

'Rocket Gardens - we sow, you grow!'


School Food Trust

Please find a link to the School Food Trust here, giving information about foor and hygiene in schools.


Change 4 Life

The Government's campaign to make the nation healthier - here.


5 a day

Which fruits and veg. count towards your 5 a day - click here to find out.


Healthier Lunchboxes

For ideas about making you lunchbox healthier, click here for ideas.


Healthy Heart

The British Heart Foundation website has some great advice for keeping your heart healthy through a healthy diet and lifestyle.


Teen Weightwise

We hear about teenage and childhood obesity almost every day in the here for a link to a website that aims to help inform children and parents about making healthier choices about diet and lifestyle.


The Eatwell Plate

We recommend the 'Eatwell Plate' as a way of thinking about how meals are balanced with the recommended proportions of the different food categories.


Water is Cool in School

This website shows why it is vital for children to have access to water throughout the school day - we recommend that our children attend school with a safe bottle filled with fresh water daily ('Healthy School' drinking bottles and replacement caps are available from Mrs. Whipp in the office).